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Entertainment, Techno 6 July, 2017


William Leymergie, who left France 2 to C8 upon reentry, could bring in his luggage one of its illustrious accomplices of Télématin : a historical figure in the program that will have its place in The New Edition.

A jump into the unknown… But not alone? William Leymergie leaves Télématin on France 2 after more than 30 years, to animate The New Edition, every day at 12 o’clock on C8, check left free after the ouster of Daphne Bürki. Suffice to say that it is a real revolution for the facilitator to 70 years. Friday, 30 June, his teams have made a beautiful tribute, releasing a best of of his best moments in the issuance of public service… But, after Puremédias, William Leymergie says not exactly good-bye to all his collaborators. It is one of the best known faces of Télématin that he would take with him on C8 : Laura Tenoudji alias Laura du Web.


The site Puremédias has revealed the information Wednesday, July 5. If proven, this would be good news for the columnist. The wife of Christian Estrosi, at this time seven months pregnant, had joined the team Télématin in 2000. Obviously, she was great with William Leymergie, as she even shed a few tears when the last of the show. Join together the Canal + group would, therefore, not only a beautiful adventure professional for the duo, but also a new page in their friendship that is written.

The applicant responded Thursday in an interview with The Express. She explains that, for the moment, ” join William Leymergie on C8 is not news “. Scrambles the tracks to keep the secret a little longer, or does it already have other plans? One thing is for sure, in this moment, Laura Tenoudji rather think of his family. She should go on maternity leave on Friday 7 July, and the baby is expected for the month of August. The mom-to-be 41-year-old has not yet indicated whether she would return to the antenna from the back, or if she had to take a little more time…

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