Lavrentiev day: folk tradition 11 Feb 2018

Techno 10 February, 2018

2018-02-10 20:50

Lavrentiev day: folk tradition 11 Feb 2018
The people Lavrentiev day for centuries was considered the day of the witches. Also, it was believed that this Holy can improve vision and cure blindness.

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Folk festival “Lavrentiev day” is celebrated on 11th of February (old style – January 29).

In the Church calendar is the day of memory of St. Lawrence caves, Bishop.

Other names of the holiday: “lavrin”, “Gerasim”, “Moratality blade of grass”, “Smashing frosty”.

Lawrence was a supporter of the lonely contemplation and prayer. He wanted to lead a solitary life, but Pechersk fathers-superiors did not allow him to be alone. Then Lawrence left to become a native home and moved to St. Demetrius monastery. He gained popular fame thanks to his gift of healing. In 1182 he was elevated to the Department of Turov (Gomel region) and became the successor of Saint Cyril. After the death of St. Cyril of Turov Lawrence was his rightful successor.

The people Lavrentiev day for centuries was considered the day of the witches. According to legend, they came in that day specifically in order to spoil and make the barren land in the field and the garden, infect diseases trees and shrubs, put a spell on the man.

Witch make special creases dry grass. He who through ignorance or negligence will cut off this room, seriously ill or die. In order to protect their land and loved ones from the machinations of evil witches, it was necessary in the direction of the four parts of the world to stick to the land of the Thistle. Unclean power is not very fond of this plant in all its forms and struggles to avoid it.

If all the same the witch managed to leave a nasty “gift”, it is necessary to remove it very carefully and with special precautions. It is best to deal with it folk healers with great experience.

About this date said: “Lavrentiev day the Jan pull, March pull”; “will caress And warmth, and frost down”. This is clearly characterized by changeable weather of February.

Lawrence watched the moon: if she grew up — the weather of this day will last the entire first half of the following month; if the date falls on the month the weather will be in the second half of March.

It is also believed that the red moon – to a strong wind. Predicted weather and smoke from the furnace (if it is a yoke — soon it will be warm), and through the woods (if the trees rustle to be a strong wind) and wood oven (if they do not flare up to thaw).

In addition, 11 Feb Lawrence prayed for people who had problems with the eyes.