Leading “Oscar” got in an accident : the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

American television presenter, actor and comedian Jimmy Kimmel became the participant dorozhno-transport incident. The incident happened in Hollywood on the famous sunset Boulevard.


According to American correspondents, Jimmy Kimmel was driving his BMW on a busy stretch of highway. The showman failed to properly navigate the situation and turned to the right in the wrong place. In the end the machine comedian has faced with moving in the opposite direction of Audi. The car worked safety cushions, and participants of the accident escaped with only a fright, not having received serious damage. The front part of the BMW Kimmel severely crumpled, but the artist himself whole. In Hollywood are actively discussing the event.

Jimmy Kimmel for the second time will lead “Oscar”. Earlier, the showman already had that honor. Comedian in 2003, established the transfer of “Jimmy Kimmel live”. The program is popular with viewers. Leading amuses the people with their jokes, people pay the actor’s recognition and support.