League of Champions 2017: The year of Atletico?

Sport 11 November, 2016

atletico-madrid-griezmann-2016-2017The welded block of Atletico Madrid, big customer on the European stage, could (finally) win his first Champions League. We have real reasons to believe.

On the sidelines, in his impeccable black suit, Diego Simeone can never prevent bubbling . He saw the Champions League matches as a fight. The boosted Argentine coach of Atlético Madrid impatient every time to see his club overcome a TRUE heading in history. Since 2014 and the final LoC lost in a 100% Spanish duel against Real Madrid (4-1 aet), El Cholo has C1 in sight. This is undeniable. And last season, he almost get it right, even against neighboring merengue (1-1, 5-3 pens). Maximum Frustration for colchonero people attentive and lucid performance of the clique to Juanfran. Their team of heart arises constantly worries Franchise accustomed to coronations in the prestigious European competition, and editing the 2017 Champions League should again confirm. Even writing a first line to his record in category C1.

When Barca and Bayern were released in the same European country, no fears to have. Sure of his defense (only 1 goal conceded this season C1) and its realism, Atléti can adapt to his opponents and to fly two or three OCCAZ only.
2G, in fact it goes fast

Is this the year of the Atlético in the Champions League?
Griezmann and Gameiro, the duo feels the blows. The creative, the other finisher (reverse the formula, and it will still be the way). At the Blues and the La Liga meadows, these two are understood like an old couple. With the enthusiasm of youth and more.
A lesson in efficiency

Which sometimes lack the giants of Europe is constantly emphasized in Koke partners: realism. Give half a chance colchonero enough to move the nets. Even without possession, Atlético still dangerous at any time. In the use of the ball, all offer the Rojiblanco is to show on YouTube loop. With 29% average in the double confrontation against Barcelona and Bayern in 2015-2016, the people of Madrid have risen in the final. Do you bet on Atletico this year?