League of Legends: Camille, the new hero is revealed

Techno 20 November, 2016

league-of-legends-riot-gamesA month after the release of Ivern champion, League of Legends offers us to meet Camille, the new hero of the game.
So that “there is little we learned that our old team melty eSports Club League of Legends joined LDLC , there is new at Riot Games. A new assassin who arrives in League of Legends , and it may well send heavy . Unveiled in a video called Camille, links cut , then in a comic, we now know a little more about the new character League of Legends . Or rather on tHE new character. in fact, Camilla, his pet name is a follower of Piltover, and acts according to the principles which underlie his city.

Violent, cold and meticulous , the murderer may well cause damage on the ground. While there is only one month, we discovered Ivern, the new hero League of Legends, which was revealed in an explosive video trailer , Camille returns to reign a little creepy order. Both warn you, nothing will prevent him to execute his projects (and enemies). What about Camille?