League of Legends: Patch 6.22, the preseason and changes are in!

Sport 9 November, 2016

league-of-legendsToday has been online since patch 6.22, which installs the pre-season and brings a lot of changes in League of Legends.
With the end of the world championships in 2016 there ten days and the official end of season 6 yesterday Riot Games has posted his patch 6.22 , which brings a huge amount of news in her game. This patch is Indeed the first of what is called the pre-season , which just prepare for recovery early 2017 professional season and ranked League of Legends. Heading the list of these innovations is the change in the class of assassins , which is not intended to review the entirety of the characters involved but to make them distinct from each other while correcting some aspects of the character, sometimes too strong, sometimes older. These changes affect the following characters: Talon, Katarina LeBlanc, Rengar, Fizz, Kha’Zix, Akali, Zed, Ekko and Shaco. Their changes are detailed and imaged in full patch notes posted online by Riot Games .

The concept of invisibility has been amended and now distinguishes invisible unit and undercover unit.
As we were talking yesterday, now is the difference between stealth and invisibility . The first long-term skills (Evelynn, Rengar …), while the other shorter (Shaco, Talon, Wukong …). Flicker is a new solution to reveal stealth targets : these units touch briefly reveal their location. The vision tags become control tags, which reveal the camouflage but not invisibility, and disable the nearby enemy tags. The penetration of armor becomes fixed lethality , which operates partly on a fixed case fatality rate, which s adds an additional variable depending on the level of the enemy champions. many items are changed , as the jagged dagger, the Aegis of the Legion or Malmortius, others added, such as the Dagger of poacher Coat night , Vow knight, or redemption, which provides additional exits to its owner allowing it to heal while dealing damage.

Maokai Heroes of War is one of the novelties of this patch. This skin rewards and Gold players.
A number of considered objects expensive and unattractive by Riot Games have been improved in terms of statistics while their cost has fallen. As for junglers the punishment no longer provides bonus effects to use on monsters, but care that will enable a greater number of champions to be viable in this role. Changes are also applied to camps that inhabit the Rift Summoner : some are more, others more aggressive, and others a little more alone, as the red and blue buffs. To these changes will add a lot of new skins, with that of Maokai War Heroes which rewards players Gold and more. The note of patch 6.22 will allow you to deepen your knowledge of the changes awaiting to receive this award if you are concerned. What do you think of these pre-season changes?