Legalization planned in 2018: the minister does not close the door to the pot on campus

News 24 August, 2017
    The minister of higher Education, Hélène David

    Patrick Bellerose

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 00:00

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 00:00

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    The minister Hélène David refuses to ban outright the use of marijuana on the campuses of colleges and universities of the province.

    She wants to wait for the end of the regional Consultation on the structuring of the cannabis, which stops in Quebec city on Thursday, before taking a decision. “It is exactly what [the minister Lucie Charlebois] consultations about everywhere,” says the minister of higher Education.

    The provincial tour is to determine “what is inconceivable, what is inconceivable,” she continued.

    Hélène David has also refused to reveal his personal position on the subject. “These are things that a minister can think of, but that a law is going to govern,” she said.

    A year before the legalization

    Yet, cegeps and universities of Quebec are eagerly waiting for tags from the government Couillard.

    This is the case at McGill University, who is currently working to ” determine what might be the impacts of the legalization of cannabis on its campus and the services that should be offered to [its] student body “.

    “Because legalization is planned for July 2018, the government shall make known promptly its intentions to allow quebec universities to prepare,” said his manager of media relations, Justin Dupuis.

    In addition to the inhalation of the substance, the institutions want particular responses on the possession and its consumption in various forms. “I look forward to hearing the answers to these questions ! launches the director of the cégep de Limoilou, Louis Grou. Currently, we have a lot more questions than answers. “

    – With Daphnée Dion-Viens