LEGO was first won in the court of the Chinese companies that copy toy

News 7 December, 2017

In China, the court first issued a decision under which the two companies from China that copies the toys were forbidden to produce and sell products that mimic the constructors of the company LEGO. This was written by the representatives of the Danish company, which in this case were the plaintiffs.


On the official website of LEGO, it was reported that the lawsuit was filed against two companies from China who manufactured and sold a product nearly identical products of the Danes. LEGO for the first time addressed a similar claim in judge for the first time and won a court. Against Chinese companies-imitators brought charges of unfair competition.

Chinese counterparts of LEGO Friends toys produced under the logo of Bela. The court in Shantou was also forbidden to copy toy Danish company in the future and use the original LEGO logo.