Lenovo unveils a smartphone so flexible that you can wear it on your wrist!

Techno 21 July, 2017

A year ago, Lenovo introduced tomorrow’s smartphones. Among them is the Lenovo CPlus, a concept that was again evoked during the Lenovo Tech World Summit 2017. Its particularity? It wraps around the wrist!

Have you ever dreamed of a smartphone as flexible as Shakira, like this concept of the iPhone 8 that was presented to you two months ago? Better: Have you ever wanted a smartphone to slip on the wrist? Lenovo designed and introduced Lenovo Tech World Summit. And it has a small name: Lenovo CPlus. Unfortunately, this smartphone will certainly not see the day before a while. It must be said that the products presented at this summit are a bit too surreal and avant-garde to land so early on the smartphone market. It will therefore take a little while before it becomes the flagship of tomorrow.

Decidedly, the concept of smartphone is damn promising. Leather back, clip on the wrist with its AMOLED screen 4.35 inches, trimmed of a modular shell declined in several colors, the Lenovo CPlus could be the first smartphone of the market to make you zapper your watch connected! Moreover, mobile phones tend to become increasingly flexible with the latest patents filed, notably by Xiaomi or Samsung whose Galaxy X has already unveiled several times. But from the flexible smartphone to the smartwatch (or watchphone), there is a world! You will have to take your trouble patiently. Seduced by this concept?