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Leonardo DiCaprio no longer grant the same importance to her physical appearance than before, notably during his iconic passage in Titanic. A source confided to Page Six, he was not doing more sport…

Since his first movie roles, Leonardo DiCaprio has undergone a physical transformation impressive. But today, the actor of Titanic and the Wolf of Wall Street, no longer hides his ” dad bod “… in other words, its “belly beer“.

As told a source close to the actor to Page Six, the actor would have even decided to live without constraints and not to institute any particular plan. During a recent evening in his private estate in California, he ” drank of the beer and boasted among the models who were there not to do exercise. They were there to say: “And he think that is attractive ? “It’s not as if he still had the body of Titanic” A detail that was also noted by his partner of the time, Kate Winslet, heroine on the stern of the Titanic, the show Daybreak on Itv in 2012. “It has aged since the film. Leo was 37 years old, me 36. We were 22 and 21 years old when we shot the film. You see… It is bigger now ! I am thinner !

If, however, after the witness of the party, its fans don’t understand what “letting go”, Leonardo DiCaprio would still care for him – especially at the level of the face. It would not be offered treatments based on stings of bees for 42 years… and don’t forget to attach particular importance to his eyebrows.

Today however, it seems that the star has dropped the advice of his former coach Gregory Joujon Roche, who passed away last year. It was his mentor in the preparation of the film Gangs of New York. It is he who, six times per week, was making him do yoga, martial arts, or cardio exercises… However, its natural charm, in fact, crack one more, as Alessandra Sublet’s last winter, for example.

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