LG: Foldable displays produced for Apple and Google in 2018?

Techno 18 December, 2016

LG has advanced in its project of production of foldable and flexible screens. The South Korean firm is expected to provide Apple and Google in the near future.
For several years, manufacturers have been looking into the future of our screens. Samsung was the first to launch a smartphone with a curved screen but this could go even further in the future. South Korea seems to be pointing to this area as the main rival of Samsung on this issue is none other than LG with a foldable screen prototype was introduced at CES 2016 . The two companies compete to be the first of the Country in the Morning Calm to launch for the general public a device equipped with a flexible and foldable screen. According to IT News , the Korean site specializes in high-tech, LG have taken the lead and is associated with Apple, Google and Microsoft. A mass production project is already planned by all these companies.

Flexible screens will soon be available on the market thanks to LG
Also according to IT News citing a source connected to one of these companies, production would be launched in 2018. Apple is expected to launch in their iPhone in 2017 with a curved screen which confirms the deposit of the last patent this week. Microsoft would be interested inter alia for its Surface tablets. As for Google, including its Pixel smartphone is still pending in France , the device could be equipped in the future to a totally flexible screen. However, Samsung and LG must be wary of Chinese companies such as Lenovo and Oppo, which could beat the South Koreans by launching a mass production of folding screens, prototypes having already been unveiled. A South Korean representative said about this at IT News : “Although the level of their technology is not yet very developed, Chinese manufacturers may be the very first to mass produce flexible displays them knowing they can sell at a low price in Chinese markets ” . The fight is just beginning but LG can transform the trial first in the eyes of its partners. To be followed.