LG G6: Samsung unveils a teaser ahead of the smartphone

Would Samsung be worried about the release of the LG G6? This is what analyzes are coming after the publication of a video around the Galaxy S8!
And if Samsung was worried by the power of another South Korean manufacturer, the so-called LG? It should be said that the company has broken records of pre-orders for its LG G6 and that its competitor has suffered much from the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7. Not to mention that analyzes estimate that the Galaxy S8 will sell less than the Galaxy S7 or l IPhone 8! These same analysts have just revealed that the firm could have revealed in advance the teaser of its next flagship in order to counter the release of the LG G6. A rather powerful smartphone designed to shade manufacturers that dominate the market like Huawei, Apple and (obviously) Samsung.
During the broadcast of the above commercial, an anonymous Korean source told the Korea Herald “The initiative that Samsung took to offer a television spot remains rather unusual and appears as an attempt to prevent LG from dominating the market High-end smartphones before the launch of the S8 ” . Unusual fact: this trailer of the Samsung Galaxy S8, of which Bixby has been confirmed and will be part , does not even reveal a single image of the smartphone. These 15 seconds serve only to remind the next presence of the latter on the market . What if Samsung was worried about the rise of the LG G6? … What do you think?

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  • Antoine Devon Swans

    I don’t think Samsung is that worried at all! They have a huge following of fans that will stick by their side no matter what, but then they’ve lost a few customers too as well, in conjunction with the ever changing smartphone market and the up and coming competition.

    I believe that the real struggle begins when the phone is released, trying to win back its lost customer and keep some of the ones on the fence.

    Price will be the biggest factor in terms of sales though, if its priced to high then most of them know better and will wait for the Note 8. And that’s more of what their worried about…finding that balance between entertaining the more enlightened at a good price, than for something they’ve never really had to work for…fighting for the Samsung name!