LG G6: The camera is one of the best in the market

Techno 14 July, 2017

The quality of a camera, it plays hugely on the purchase of a smartphone. On this side, the LG G6 stands out rather well. A DxOMark ranking places it in a good position.

The LG G6 is probably the most underrated phone of this year! Still, the flagship has nothing to envy competitors level technical features with its superb borderless screen. Still, sales were disappointing for the LG G6 which did not take advantage of a good promotion and was overshadowed by the Samsung Galaxy S8. The smartphone still has a selling point for those who would like to get it: its camera. It is a test DxOMark, reputed for the quality of its comparatives, which places the LG G6 in good position among the smartphones and their sensors.

The LG G6, of which we know the characteristics of the Mini version, is doing with a score of 84 points on the DxOMark test. The smartphone arrives in seventh position tied with the iPhone 6s and Nexus 6P. The one who gets the number one place in the standings is none other than the HTC U11 with 89 points. The DxOMark congratulates the phone of LG for its beautiful colors even when the luminosity is low, its autofocus of a great speed and above all the great quality of the details. On this side, the LG G6 is a size and does not steal the good reviews of which it was haloed when it was released several months ago.