Life after death: assumptions and evidence

Techno 20 January, 2018

2018-01-20 18:38

Life after death: assumptions and evidence
Roman philosopher Boethius believed that the idea of death worse than the lady with a scythe.

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How true this statement is hard to judge, but I’m sure many will agree that thoughts of death – the most terrible, terrible, paralyzing. The majority of people are not so much afraid of the thought of death, about the process of dying as the thought about what will happen after that. Meanwhile, we all gonna die someday, and so the question is, what will happen to a person in the afterlife and are there at all, this is the afterlife, bothering many people.

Versions of what is being done to a person after death abound, reports Rus.Media. Only there is one “but” – none of them will ever give an absolute guarantee that it will. And the question is whether death is the cessation of all being, or it is a beginning of another new life, it is unlikely it will ever be definitively closed. What they say ancient and modern religions, parapsychologists, physicians, and also people who survived clinical death – read in this article.


What was believed by the ancient peoples?

At different times in different cultures had a different idea about the afterlife. The peoples of ancient times, for example, did not doubt the existence of the other world, only he seemed to them as the dark realm, where no one is sunlight, where there is no place of joy. Such a fate awaited us all, without exception children and adults, rich and poor, good and evil. Such, for example, was the afterlife worlds of the Sumerians and the Akkadians, which belonged to one of the first civilizations in human history, and the ancient Egyptians and Greeks at the dawn of their development.

At some point this system has ceased to hold the people, and had another, which promised the eternal pleasure of those who led a charitable life, and eternal torment those who on earth have done much evil. The first idea that after death every man is waiting for retribution for earthly Affairs, began to develop the Egyptians believed that the gates of heaven opened in front of the souls who passed through the court of Osiris, who reigns in the underworld.

It happened like this: one of the scales put the heart of a man (symbol of the soul of the ancient), and the other – feather, symbolizing truth. It was believed that the soul is not burdened by sins, literally light as a feather, and does not outweigh a feather. That souls the way to heaven was provided.

Sinners middling could explain myself to divine judgment and to justify their bad deeds. The same souls that were much heavier feather of the goddess Maat, that is was full of evil and vices, the path to the afterlife was ordered they went straight into the jaws of a terrible monster with a lion’s body and a crocodile head. And there came to them the nothingness, absolute emptiness – for the ancient Egyptians it was worse than any hell.

The General attitude towards death in Ancient Egypt was quivering ready for it almost since birth, believing life on earth is only a brief moment of the night, and the path to the underworld – the long-awaited way into the light of day.

It was believed that in the afterlife people will live exactly the same as on earth. For example, the Pharaoh will remain ruler, priest…

The deceased were buried along with household items, clothing, jewelry, and even wives, concubines, slaves and animals they belonged to – all that might need them after death. Believed that, by the way, not only the Egyptians, but many other peoples, including Slavs.

Meanwhile, ancient Indian religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism was founded on the belief that every living being is doomed to die and be born again on earth as long as the thorny path of self-discovery reaches sorbita metaphysical, or absolute beginning – Nirvana. Between being the souls of the wicked pass through purgatory in which there are several circles of hell – each coming worse and colder the past.

Reincarnation, mainly, is determined by the highest order. The dependence of degeneration of human partial. Reborn again and again, his actions, he may worsen or, conversely, to improve the conditions of existence of his soul in the next incarnation, bringing or keeping away the moment of liberation from suffering. However, some details of this picture of the world in different Indian religions may differ, but an essence at them one.

About heaven and hell

Thanks to Christianity, heaven and hell has become clear outlines. On earth about 2 billion man believes that sinners are waiting for eternal suffering, for example, in rivers of fire, sulphur lakes. Expecting someone different reptiles and terrible demons-torturers. Hell Christians are the worst. The ad described one of the Italian poets. You probably guessed that we are talking about Dante Alighieri in his “divine Comedy”.

According to the Christian Holy Scriptures, the righteous and repentant sinners go to heaven – a place of serene eternal life.

For a true Christian is the Kingdom of heaven, is more important than earthly existence. If we turn to the old Testament, it becomes obvious that death is better than the day of birth.

Consider the prospects of the human soul in the Christian afterlife. It becomes available to communicate with angels and demons. The direction of the soul’s development usually coincides with that in life.

A couple of days the shower is on the ground. She visits dear to her place, and on day 3 it turns out in Paradise and for 6 days admiring its beauty. After this 6-day admiring the spiritual essence met with hell and its inhabitants. Continuing the “tour” for 30 days. Only on the 40th day God determined the fate of the soul.

Catholics have long believe that besides hell and heaven there is also a purgatory, in which sinners have the opportunity to get rid of the sins. Orthodox Christians in purgatory do not believe, but recognize the need constantly to pray for the dead.

Maybe there is nothing

Constantly reveals the material nature of phenomena that were not known to our ancestors. This is one of the main reasons for the increasing number of atheists and just skeptical people who believe the death of “finish”, after which there is nothing. This part of the world’s population compared death to sleep without dreams.

At the same time still a lot of supporters that a thinking, feeling creature can disappear without a trace. There are many people who say that part of man after death remains in his descendants, he created works of art, they planted the trees…

At the time, American scientist Carolyn Porco said, the atoms of the body after death find themselves in space and are either mass or energy.

Similar faith was characteristic of the representatives of philosophical doctrine, which is older than Christianity. We are talking about followers of Epicurus, who argued about the complete disappearance of a person after death. By the way, the Epicureans did not deny the existence of the soul. Supposedly, it breaks up into billions of atoms and disappears.

What science says?

You will not find a scientist who can clearly explain what the final biological death. About 40 years ago there is a new medical term – “brain death”. In this state it is possible to artificially control the heart and other organs. What happens? A dead body does not look that way. Also, there are cases when after termination of the operation of bodies, some ongoing brain activity.

You continually receive information on new cases of clinical death, in which organs and systems “silent”, but the brain continues to function.

Telling people who have been between death and life? Here are some examples: tunnel at the end of which shone a bright white light, meeting with deceased relatives, the vision of his body.

Real case. American student Trisha Baker in the accident was in the hospital. At some point she felt that she is under the ceiling and looks down at his body and flying near him doctors. Then she was in the hospital corridor, where he saw his stepfather, who was waiting for the verdict of doctors. Heartbroken husband bought in the vending machine a chocolate bar. This seemingly insignificant detail subsequently became trish’s proof that she actually visited the spirit world.