Life has become merrier: In 2018, the country might legalize marijuana

News 17 December, 2017

In 2018, the country might legalize marijuana. This statement was made by Secretary General of the International centre for the prevention of dependency Mircea Grecu.


The reason for the meeting on this topic was the fact that the representatives of the Parliament of Georgia failed to prove in the constitutional court of the country the increase in crime under the influence of marijuana. According to the Greek, in fact, in Tbilisi found the addicts are sick people requiring treatment, and not criminals, as previously assumed. Moldova is actively trying to join the European community. Chisinau follows the laws which hold in the EU.

Moldova takes over the West good and bad. The attitude to drugs is no exception. According to the Greek, in 2018 in Moldova will happen, the decriminalization of marijuana. Such as in the Netherlands will not, but seriously punish young people who use soft drugs, too, will not. According to the Greek post-Soviet countries are not ready for such a change.