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No language in his pocket, not two feet in the same sabot, Arlette, the agent grumpy of the series of Ten per cent, on France 2, was even more grumpy in the comedy brats, which is currently displayed. Pure composition. Child jewish during the war, the muse of Saint-Germain, at the age of 84, Liliane Rovere has everything a heroine of a novel.

Liliane Rovere, who was preparing to shoot a new season of Ten percent, wants to make us believe that she was 84 years old. But we do not have ! The her fondness for Spinoza (“ be wary of the ” sad passions “ , “we will slip it between two confidences) is in itself a rejuvenating bath. Of benevolence. Mamou “, as the locals call her grandchildren, was the banter as exciting as his life.

Lili or Lilo, as it’s known to its close, was born in 1933. In the fourth arrondissement of Paris. His parents are ” makers and successful “, before the war takes everything. Girl adored, yet it is very early, for stories of good air, in pensions of various kinds, ” with more or less of happiness “, she says. Freud and Dolto is not passed by there, it explains nothing. Then the war broke out. Jewish girl, it was necessary to cross the demarcation line, hide… ” I was not really aware of what was happening because I was never explained nothing, nor on life, nor on war, or on anything. My parents didn’t have the slightest idea of what could make a silence like that “, she laments. “ For my children, I have always spoken , I’ve always informed and there are no corpses in the closet “. It will keep this the vital need to know and say.

Slumming in the cellars of jazz

At the end of high school, his books under his arm, Liliane file direct Taboo watch the couples dancing on the be-bop, this music come from the United States, which to the swing of things. The mode of the wineries in full swing. This passion will never let go. To the point that even became an actress, so that it rotates with the Blier, Tavernier, Emmanuel Finkiel, Enrico, she continues to prefer the family of musicians at the 7th item ” I loved my job, I liked to play, but my life, it was Saint-Germain-des-près and its cafes a little grungy. As soon as I finished filming, I was spinning in clubs of jazz. One could say that I had no career plan ! advantages, ” she said, amused.

Chet Baker, the history that made socializing !

One day, her parents sent her to the home of an uncle, in New York, hoping that she found us a good complexion and the wife. It was in 1955. Liliane landed in the harbor of New York, a beautiful morning in April, on the bridge, the sides of the commander ! And the same evening, she rushes at Birdland, the most famous box of jazz. The romantic Chet Baker will not let escape the French girl sitting at the bar, alone. “He came to see my family and told him : “I take her “, she recalls. Everyone is left speechless. ” The trumpeter was not yet an icon, but already a star. Liliane follows, visitor visa in the pocket. At the end of a year and a half, she must go back. Chet is still not divorced. It is then to organize a tour in Europe to join the young woman. After six months, he returned to the United States. I had to join, tells the story of Liliane, but a few months later, he announced to me that he had met someone else. ” A pretty pakistani, Halima, whom he married. Liliane, she, be comforted. With Chet, they remain in contact, but at a distance, because the musician will fall into a drug addiction is very severe. It remains of this fresh romance with a beautiful black and white photograph signed William Claxton, who will serve as displays, in 1988, the documentary film by Bruce Weber Let’s get lost.

Communist heart

Since very young I have always been not a feminist –there is a connotation of anti male that I do not share – but a girl who could not say ” stand there and shut up “. I’ve always had a confidence high pitch of my freedom. I was at the time without insurance and rebellious “. Then at 26 years old, for the first time, the communist vote, to be on the side of the oppressed against the exploiters. “It was a movement of the heart, “she says, at the time, I did not know large-thing, I went to the instinct. I am educated, politically later “.

A “mamou” committed

Mom to a girl,” awesome “, the head makeup artist on a shoot, Liliane Rovere is also grandmother of two little children of six and thirteen years. “I pay very close attention to my relationship with them, “she said. If I live long enough, I would like to explain how the world works, in which system we are and that they are rebels. Explain to them that nothing is more expensive than the liberty, that it should not be corrupt -in the long run, it pays off. ” She did the same with his daughter when she was 10 years old. At the time, it ” seemed to slide like water on the feathers of a duck “, but the transmission was still made. In love.

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