Lino Zambito : “a criminal confessed” replica Tétrault

News 17 August, 2017
    “I found myself at the wrong place at a bad time, that’s all,” summed up the liberal candidate in Louis-Hébert, Éric Tétrault.

    Marc-André Gagnon

    Wednesday, 16 August, 2017 18:31

    Wednesday, 16 August, 2017 19:10

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    Attacked from all sides, having already benefited from a lodge with Nathalie Normandeau, a liberal candidate in Louis-Hébert, Éric Tétrault, accuses Lino Zambito to be “a criminal confessed” without “no credibility”.

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    Twenty-four hours after having formalized his candidacy, which was until recently president of canadian Manufacturers and Exporters of Quebec is once again found to justify its presence, in 2008, in the lodge of Lino Zambito with Nathalie Normandeau and his chief of staff Bruno Lortie in a concert of Celine Dion.

    Mr. Zambito has himself revealed the deal on Tuesday, via his Twitter account, while Mr. Tétrault has announced his candidacy to the sides of Philippe Couillard.

    In the words of Mr. Zambito, who claims to have paid for the ticket, the value of this gift was about $1200.

    “In the wrong place at a wrong time”

    “I found myself at the wrong place at a bad time, that’s all,” a summary on the waves of RadioX the liberal candidate, who has refused to grant an interview to the Newspaper.

    In wave, M Tétrault took the opportunity to shoot an arrow in the place of Mr. Zambito, witness the star of the Charbonneau Commission, who pleaded guilty in 2015, to charges of fraud, conspiracy and bribery of a public official.

    “I don’t really intend to play a game of tennis, although very long with someone I do not know, who is a criminal confessed”, he noted Mr. Tétrault.

    The liberal candidate, who hopes to “just be a good member of parliament”, that Sam Hamad, has also failed the test of general knowledge on the county of Louis-Hebert in which the facilitators of RadioX submitted.

    Notably, he was unable to name the name of the famous casse-croute Chez Micheline, located on route 138, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

    The liberals cry for “around”

    At the entrance to the council of ministers, several liberal ministers came to his defense.

    “It is an excellent candidate, said the minister Lucie Charlebois. I am proud that Mr. Tétrault is present with us, and if it elicits as many comments, “around”… I’m going to say it! It makes me feel good. This is probably because they don’t have other arguments. […] May be that their candidate will not be as good as ours.”

    “I think that it is necessary to stop the “around”, said in his turn the minister Christine St-Pierre. I think it was very clear in his answers yesterday (Tuesday), and then me, I am very happy to work with him. This is a man who has a great value.”

    “This is the political game as usual, I’m not surprised,” said in his turn the minister Gaétan Barrette, who was amused to learn that François Legault was already interested in Mr. Tétrault for a potential candidacy for his party.

    “This is once again a beautiful demonstration of “girouetisme” policy”, said Mr. Bar.

    – With the collaboration of Annabelle Blais, Bureau of investigation