Lionel Messi is stronger than CR7 over the past decade

Sport 16 November, 2016

messi-but-barca-barcelone-ligue-des-championsLionel Messi was voted best player in the last decade by readers. Cristiano Ronaldo him, is far behind

Another win for Lionel Messi to the public. After being named best player of last season by readers of the website , Argentina has been elected best player of the last decade by aficionados of the same site . Of the 27,000 votes from around the world, the Pulga has collected 12,800 or 49% of the vote. Cristiano Ronaldo him, ranks second with 39% of the vote (10,234 votes). Then you have to go far, very far to find the name of the third, namely Andres Iniesta for which 851 people voted. The Spaniard is followed closely by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and 693 votes. Note that Sergio Ramos grabs fifth place in the standings ahead Xavi and Neymar., While Robben and Thomas Müller respectively occupy the ninth and tenth place. Unfortunately no French is among the top ten.

Cristiano beaten by Messi
When it comes to popularity with the public, Lionel Messi always one or several steps ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo . Surely the small side “laughing” opposite the side “machine” Cricri. The Spaniard can still console himself with his Goal 50 trophy awarded to the best player of the 2015-2016 season, this time presented by the editors and correspondents website. And then good, admittedly, the 2016 Ballon d’Or that CR7 covets above all. Read also: For Cristiano Ronaldo, there will be no next Cristiano . Who is the best player of the last decade according to you?