Lionel Messi: Kim Jong-un wants to find his successor

Sport 15 November, 2016

kim-jong-un-veut-trouver-le-nouveau-messiNorth Korea launched a “factory to Messi” to dethrone the Barca player. (Are the job).

And if the new Messi was North Korean? This is certainly the goal of Kim Jong-un has begun its “Making a Messi.” In 2013, the communist regime has created the International School of Football Pyongyang, with the stated aim to dethrone the five-time Golden Ball . One of the school’s coaches, Ri Yu El has just explained the ultimate goal of this school: “We train our young people to become more talented players than Lionel Messi.” Well, let’s be frank, there is still a lot of work. North Korea advanced to the rank of 126th Fifa rankings. So we have to go by step, as recalled goalkeeper selection, Ri Myong Chang: “For now we seek to dominate Asia and in the near future, I hope we can dominate the world ” It speaks well of soccer huh?

Kim Jong-un wants to find the new Messi

Meanwhile the North Korean Messi, Leo Messi, hard, truth, tattooed, already bitterly fighting with Cristiano Ronaldo for the conquest of the Golden Ball . But more importantly than this prestigious award, the Fc Barcelona player also has to deal with criticism coming from Argentina on its performance in selection, well short of its performance with Barca. Like what it is not always rosy to have Messi in his squad . It’s good to know … Read also: Lionel Messi is not yet ready to extend his contract at Barcelona . According to you it is how a factory Messi?