Lisée obliged to defend its balance sheet

News 9 December, 2017
  • Photo Simon Clark
    Jean-François Lisée had to comment on the trials and tribulations of his party, third in voting intentions.

    Patrick Bellerose

    Friday, December 8, 2017 16:35

    Friday, December 8, 2017 16:40

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    During the traditional balance sheet as of the end of the parliamentary session, Jean-François Lisée had to comment on the trials and tribulations of his party, third in voting intentions.

    “We have good surveys at this time? No. I tell you, there, polls are not good, has recognised the head of the Parti quebecois Friday. We hate the language of wood. We hate it. So, what we want to go up the slope? Yes.”

    The Parti québécois has gone from 29% to 19% in voting intentions since Jean-François Lisée has been elected as its head in October 2016, according to the firm Lightweight.

    Despite the criticisms of columnists and bad polls, Jean-François Lisée says he is pleased to lead the PQ. “I love it. I love to be leader of the Parti québécois, ” he said. Then do you know, I was advisor to two prime ministers, and then there are bits where it went wrong. Then this is when one is in trouble the energy of the Parti québécois wakes up, and then the team of the Parti québécois is even more assiduous, more biting, and then you’ll see it.”


    He added that the PQ has already been under-estimated in the past. “Under-estimate the Parti québécois, it is a national sport. And then the Parti québécois wins. Then, we will see you back on the evening of the first day of October 2018,” said Jean-François Lisée.

    The leader of the parti québecois recognizes, however, that it must improve its image within the quebec population. “[…] rightly or wrongly, people have a vision of me that is, say, part,” he says.

    Poor perception?

    In fact, the same survey Light says that only 9% of Quebeckers consider that it would make the best prime minister.

    Jean-François Lisée has, therefore, started to make themselves known to voters. “And when they see me on the field, when they see me interact, listen, make jokes… You know my sense of humor, you, because you see me often, he launched to the press in parliament. But it deserves to be known. That fact that we are going to work on that.”

    He also warns the prime minister Philippe Couillard, who frequently attacks the CAQ, while ignoring widely the PQ. “I think it is very badly advised”, he launched.

    Job for QS

    But the liberal leader is not the only one who shot his arrows to the CAQ. Québec solidaire has also decided to head over now its attacks against François Legault and his team.

    “The function of a political party is to win elections and then seek to form the government. We, therefore, of our adversaries, that is, either the ruling party or the party which is likely to be in power. The Parti québécois did not fall into any of these categories,” said male spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, at the balance sheet parliamentary of its training policy.

    However, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois had to admit that his arrival in Québec solidaire, has not had a sustainable effect on voting intentions. The party has gained a single percentage point from a year ago, despite a brief hike in the spring.

    “Of course, that there is still work to be done. Of course it has not yet reached the point where you would like to be on the eve of the election, he commented. The good news is that it is not on the eve of the election.”