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Sport 5 November, 2016

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Bristol City – Brighton: forecast, bookmaker betting on the match. England Championship 05.11.16
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On the eve of the match between the team of Bristol City and Brighton team, which will take place in the first league, our experts have decided to talk about how easy is it to predict the matches of the first division, and whether there are fundamental differences with the matches of the Premier Division. Comparing the highest and the first division, then there is only a difference in the level of instruction, and everything else remains the same. In the first division, in the majority of the teams are the players who have not been able to break into the first team elite divisions, pensioners and young players, who only have to declare itself. Before each team is its own specific task for the season, which the players and the coaching staff are trying to solve. As in the top flight, in the first league have their favorites, and its outsiders. The only difference is that the participants in the elite division championship before the start of various experts studied literally under the microscope, and on the objectives and goals for the season in the first division, you start to learn closer to the middle or end of the championship. However, if you do an independent analysis, it is possible to obtain the necessary information much earlier, and already regarding this, you can build your own predictions for the matches involving the teams of the first division. It should be noted that our experts use only his – verified information, it allows them to make qualitative predictions for the matches of the first league teams.

Bristol City vs Brighton preview

Statistics – the main instrument by which our resource experts predict not only the top division matches, but matches in the lower leagues. For European football statistics – this is an important factor, which should focus in the prediction. Most teams hold their matches on a specific scenario, which remains unchanged from year to year. Naturally, if the club changed the head coach or significantly updated the composition, such schemes may fail to work, however, if everything remained without significant changes, and will remain the same this season confrontation scenario. Recall that in the lower leagues are not all the teams are contenders for promotion to the grade, as is its challenge to the season in front of each club. Someone just starting to build a new club that a few seasons not only to fight for getting into the top flight, but also to show good football in the elite division. And someone already has an excellent team, which easily beats the competition in the first division. Everyone has their own goals and their tasks, respectively, the results will be different teams. If you carefully study the statistics of teams in the matches of the season, it will become clear and the objectives pursued by the coach. This is what our experts are engaged, making a bet on the matches of teams in the lower divisions.
Bookmakers pretty low estimate the chances of success of Brighton team in the match with a team of Brighton. This is due to the fact that the home team have a balanced composition and all the parameters are the main contenders to get into the top flight for the championship. Guests – mediocre club, which for several seasons in the first division acts. the team does not show much success. It’s obvious that the club is beneficial to perform here, and special claims on promotion to the grade on the basis of the current season, the team has not said. Our experts believe that the owners of the field now need to deal with their rivals as competitors in the fight for an exit from the lower division are literally on the heels. Despite the fact that guests are inferior to their opponents in the game plan, it is a very organized team that plays well in defense. Therefore, she did not score as well as simple. In this regard, we believe that the match will be grass-roots, and a team of Bristol City will achieve a minimum of victory. Thus, total goals in the match is necessary to make advances in the less. Such a statistical factor, as the angle in the lower divisions matches flirt dangerously, especially in countering offensive and defensive team. Guests can simply submit their corner, as more playing time will be given to the defense of their own goal. But yellow cards in the match should be a lot. Generally in the minor leagues have always been a lot of fouls and yellow cards, since the level of the players is poor, and the players willing to go into the joints.

The winner of the match Bristol City – 2 draw – 3.4 to win the match in Brighton – 3.87.
Lower League – a great place to find interesting football predictions. Often neglected bookmakers full analysis of the matches in the lower leagues, preferring to give the coefficients in the line, based on the results of the teams in recent matches, as well as the results of the matches between the teams themselves. But there are several factors that may have a significant impact on the prediction of football matches, and because of this factor on the one or the other teams may be incorrect. Our experts are engaged in a thorough analysis of the line, which allows them to find interesting predictions and interesting factors that we offer in their reviews. Of course, the first league is slightly inferior to the level of major league games, but here too the clubs perform certain tasks and some matches to inflame passions and entertainment can easily beat the top division matches.