Live PSV Eindhoven vs Twente preview, prediction

Sport 5 November, 2016

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Interesting match should be. The leader of the championship against the 6th championship team. PSV have today 34 points, the “Twente” – 25. The home team have + 11 = 1-2 with a total score of 37-11, the guests are on schedule + 6 = 7-2 with goal difference 28-17.

PSV Eindhoven vs Twente preview

In favor of PSV victory say many factors. To begin with, the difference in the current results. “Eindhoven” ahead of the Reds on 9 points, while having also a game in hand. PSV attack Grozny and protection – reliable. Houses magnificent PSV + 6 = 0-0 and 19-1 fantastic. Of course, “Twente” is not all bad away: yet + 3 = 4-1 with the difference 17-10. The only guest defeat suffered in the red by the end of October, “Excelsior.” However, these statistics are slightly misleading. So, “Twente” was not able to beat away feeble “Kambyuyur”, “Vitesse” and the NAC, with the middle peasants “AZ” is also tied, and the victory gained over the hopeless “Dordrecht” weak “Eraklesom” and upstart “Zwolle”. From red giants played a draw with “Feyenoord” and “Ajax”, but they were homemade. Of course, playing at home and PSV God knows from whom: NAC, “Vitesse” “Kambyuyur”, “Excelsior”, “AZ” and “ADO Den Haag.” But you must admit, 6 wins with a total score of 19-1 (besides the victory of a minority of “Ado”) far more impressive than the guest of «Twente».

Red this season is not a self-confident killing machine. For a long time, “Twente” was the only team Eredivisie, which has not suffered a single defeat, but too often they played a draw. No Team killer instinct, iron self-confidence and the ability to achieve, dodavlivat. After the first defeat in the league in red followed by + 3 = 1-1, but look, over whom victory mined: outsider “Dordrecht” 12th team championship “Heerenveen” and “Zwolle” (the only more or less worthy opponent). Next, the defeat of the nondescript “Groningen” strained and a draw with “Vitesse”, despite the fact that last the whole time playing in the minority. It is doubt that the “Twente” with this game can expect to get hold of points in this match.

Adds red problems that most likely, the game will not participate Luc Castaignos – hope and support “Twente”, the only stable player attacks. How important Castaignos for “Twente” – judge for yourself: first, he is the best scorer of the team and the second top scorer of the championship; secondly, Castaignos scored almost always bring red glasses (1-1 with NAC and “Karabakh” (LE), 2-1 over the SEI and the “Zwolle”, 3-1 with “Achilles” (cup) and “Utrecht” 4-1 with “Eraklesom”). Even in losing, “Excelsior” and “Groningen” with a score of 1-2 matches Castaignos scored, giving hope “Twente”, and not his fault that the partners have not been able to support. Total + 5 = 2-2. In the matches where Castaignos has scored, the “Twente” + 2 = 7-0, and the victory over the “Dordrecht” and “Heerenveen”. We can say that the whole attack is built of red through Luke, and his absence will “Twente” significant difficulties in the attack.

At PSV are all alive and well and in good spirits. Depa, Narsingh, Wijnaldum, Maher, De Jong – all in order. The team withdrew from the LE group in the playoffs, it gives her a good mood despite the defeat of the “Dynamo” in no one right match in the 90th minute. House “Eindhoven” – unstoppable machine that carries visitors’ central defense to pieces. Given that the “Twente” does not have an extremely reliable defense (still missed 17 goals in 15 games and 10 at 8 guest), a chance to PSV in the attack clearly find, and not one. Generally, “Twente” is very convenient for PSV rival in home games: + 15 = 5-2 with goal difference 43-18.

In favor of effective game is also the fact that the last 7 games were played teams riding together. 2-2, 2-1, 2-6, 3-0, 3-0, 3-1, 2-2, 3-2 – these results. Add to this the fact that the Eredivisie – the most productive Championship all solid European (more than 3 goals per game), and here’s one more reason to expect the horse game. PSV from 14 games played 10 riding, “Twente” – 10 of 15. Add in the common pot.

I think it will be 3-0 or 3-1 in favor of PSV, so with a light heart put P1 + TB2,5.