Lokomotiv Moskva vs SKA live stream: preview, prediction

Sport 12 November, 2016

lokomotiv-moskva-vs-skaLokomotiv Moskva vs SKA live streaming free
“Lokomotiv” – SKA whether “Lokomotiv” will be able to stop the SKA?
Lokomotiv Moskva – SKA. Forecast KHL match on 13 November.

Lokomotiv Moskva vs SKA preview

SCA continues to stamp victory and it seems that the team absolutely nobody can stop. “Locomotive” is extracted landmark victory for himself over CSKA Moscow and now need to get together and try to be liberated, and continue to score points. Let’s have a meeting between the analysis of the “locomotive” and the SKA and select favorite.
Russia. KHL. “Lokomotiv” – SKA
November 13, 2016, 17:00 GMT

“Locomotive” very good quality game against CSKA Moscow and spent more than deservedly won 3-1. The team played well in the majority, but may be somewhere a little luck attended, but still nice to watch the game and the team’s worth to mention here that it is important to “Locomotives” to continue to climb in the standings, so as long as 4- th position are Kudashova wards in the Western conference.

SKA looks very nice in every game and so far hardly anyone has real chances to stop this team. It seems that in some individual match SKA will look below their capacity, but overall the team has all turns out, and there is no place experiments. I want to still managed to ward Znarka set the record for the number of points scored during the regular season, while this has all the chances and they need to skillfully use.


In our opinion, the SKA will be able to snatch victory from the “Locomotive” in the first place due to the good quality of the game and in the majority. We will not experiment and play SKA victory in the format of regular time.

Odds BK 1xStavka:
Locomotive – 4.05
Draw – 4.10
SKA – 1.83

Forecast: SKA victory

Ratio: 1.83

Size rate: 5% of the bank