Long live father Christmas

News 23 December, 2017
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    Denise Bombardier

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 05:00

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 05:00

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    The story of father Christmas is as credible as all the stories of characters such as Cinderella or Little red riding Hood, fruit of the imagination, which allow children to not only dream, but also to introduce them to the life.

    Of course, santa Claus is inspired by saint Nicholas, whose feast day is still celebrated in Europe, but it was stripped of its assistant traditional, the bogeyman who punished the wicked children. Father Christmas, as we know it today, cheerful, portly, affable, and kind, is a creation of Coca-Cola, which was designed in 1931 to sell the soft drink the most popular in the world.

    In fact, the history of the red man and white, who arrives on the North pole aboard a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer and comes down the chimney of houses, delights the children.

    Image rebounded

    But the father Christmas improve also the image of the grand-daddy endorsement, loving and generous. In The Newspaper on Wednesday, santa Claus in flesh and bone have demonstrated professional experience at christmas time. There we learn that the children who visit in the shopping malls do not ask for that toys. Some ask father Christmas to bring peace in the world while others wish that mom and dad come back to live together with them. Seniors will also see father Christmas in which they share their loneliness and their anxiety in front of death.

    Was surprised there in Quebec and that access to doctors is still so problematic ? And contrary to what is stated in so many adults, children do not adapt to all situations, they experience a painful divorce.

    My husband is English, born in a poor background in Liverpool, has learned to five years from the mouth of his mother that father Christmas didn’t exist. His reaction is touching. He then felt, he said, a sense of gratitude more intense at the idea that his parents had sacrificed to buy their three children multiple gifts. There was no christmas tree in the house, but the garlands were hung on the walls, and the gifts were deposited at the foot of the bed of each child.


    I’ve personally been able to believe in father Christmas since about age two, my father told me that he didn’t exist. But my mother and my dear aunts assured me that he was lying. I’ve always maintained a skepticism of good quality, because it has led me to practice a craft of questions and doubts.

    I like the idea of father Christmas and what it stands for. No offense to the revisionists of today who splashed the patriarchal culture, which maintains the confusion of roles and that déboulonnent the old myths that have crossed the history of humanity.

    Let us beware, therefore, of the anti-santa Claus, these demolishers of dreams which, in the name of the brutal reality create in their turn of new myths around the undead and alien evil. The father Christmas is resistant in this regard. This is a nice gentleman.

    Merry Christmas to all !