Longueuil: an individual is arrested after firing a gunshot during an argument

News 23 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 19:44

    Friday, 23 march, 2018 19:49

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    LONGUEUIL | An individual in his twenties was arrested Friday night after firing a gunshot during an argument with another man near the intersection of Taschereau boulevard and of the rue Saint-Georges, Longueuil.

    The incident occurred at about 18 h.

    Marc Alain Trudeau

    “During the verbal altercation, one of the two men pulled a gun and shot, but did not reach a person,” explained Jean-Pierre Voutsinos, police de Longueuil, adding that the victim was able to take refuge in a nearby fire station.

    Marc Alain Trudeau

    “Thanks to a description of the vehicle, our officers were able to locate the alleged perpetrator and make an arrest not far from the place where the assault had taken place,” said Mr. Voutsinos.

    Marc Alain Trudeau

    The investigators were to meet the two men later Friday evening in relation to this matter in order to determine the reasons that led to this armed aggression.

    The victim is also a man in the twenties.