Look at your hands And suddenly you’re a genius?

Techno 12 January, 2018

2018-01-12 17:26

Look at your hands And suddenly you’re a genius?
Fingerprints studying special science — dermatoglyphics

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It arose at the intersection of psychology, fingerprinting and forensics and was first used to clarify the psychological portrait of the criminal. The official date of birth of dermatoglyphics is considered to 1892 when one of the brilliant biologists — cousin of sir Charles Darwin, sir Francis Galton issued his monumental work on fingerprints and their relationship with personal characteristics of the person, reports Rus.Media.

So no palmistry: a strictly scientific approach!

So, dactyloscopidae yourself: leave it on a white sheet of paper the prints of all 10 fingers. And you can just carefully consider each finger as you are comfortable.

All the fingerprints of the individual, but typologically divided into 3 categories: waves, loops and swirls.

Usually people meet 2 or even 3 types of prints, rarely — one.

Write down on a sheet how many you got.

More “Waves”

It is the “wave” is the most common pattern in our latitudes. Such people usually have a calm character, Uzepchuk character and a balanced psyche. About people in the school said”strong middling”. Stars in the sky is not enough, but in dubious undertakings do not get involved, easy to meet people but are not a”people person”, I have good relations with friends and colleagues, more focused on family. Among the holders of the waves as the predominant pattern of more people who chose the profession in the sphere of services: hair stylist, makeup artist, personal assistant, pastry chef, florist, Illustrator, interior designer.


If “waves” you have on your index fingers, you are very sociable and easy going.

If “waves” on the right hand you have more than on the left, you’re very quick-tempered, but easily forgive offences. Accordingly, and Vice versa: the prevalence of the “waves” on the left hand suggests that you are not inclined to be offended over nothing, but if offended, forgiveness will not be easy.

“Waves” on the screen saying that you always insist on and sometimes even deaf to the arguments from the outside. About such speak”at least count on the head teshi”: if you’re right, you’re adamant.

“Waves” on the index fingers indicate excessive emotionality and sensibility of nature.

If “wave” is set in you on the index finger, you’re very responsible and loyal person. You never abandon a friend in trouble and will do anything to complete the task. For any authorities such employee is a treasure!

The pattern is more common in Central Europe. It is sufficiently open, confident and careeroriented people who care about self-development and self-expression, even if it does not bring concrete material benefits. The advantage of this pattern on the pads of your fingers says about the development of the intellect and inclination to intellectual labor. People with a loop pattern most in the most ambitious projects, they run the risk of participating in a startup or even organizing it, is most likely to start your own business,start from Junior assistants and pass the path to Executive Directors. This is a very energetic, hard-working, creative people that say “they are the Earth revolves”.


If the hinges are located on the index finger, you are a team player. You do not break the lead, but know how to work together with colleagues, friends and relatives.

“Loops” on the middle fingers indicate a strong dependence on the opinion of others. Even if you don’t outwardly show it, deep down you’re worried that colleagues will think about your new dress, and what will mom say when you tell her that the increase did not happen.

Loops on the ring fingers and Pinkies are saying about good health: surprisingly, statistics showed that, while very painful in childhood, people grow up and does not seriously sick.

If the “loops” of more than 8, you love to dream and fantasize. Talk about these “head in the clouds” or, in more advanced cases,”not of this world”. It is the owners expressed the advantages of loops are more likely to become science fiction writers!

The more your fingers “curls”, the higher is the potential of your brain. 10 “swirls” scientists call the “stamp of genius” because this pattern is extremely rare and almost always in scientists, the ingenious inventors and discoverers. The prevalence of the “curls” says a highly developed logical thinking, ability to analyze,good linguistic and mathematical abilities. These people quietly studying several languages in adulthood can radically change the profession, having mastered something new, several times to emigrate, finding the work interesting or the other way round — a lifetime to devote to some research. The only thing they are almost indifferent is wealth.


“Curls” on the thumbs talking about the desire to dominate. Such a person is not able to work in complete subjection, he needs space for individual projects,attention to his ideas. Routine for him is the worst punishment.

If “curls” is located on all the fingers except the large, it was very psychologically unstable personality. Such saying”from love to hate one step,” these people can radically change their position in a matter of minutes, because there are new arguments or evidence.

“Curls” on the index fingers indicate that the person could take on a hundred things at once, and often very successfully. But the flip side of the coin — people found it hard to concentrate. For successful operation they need a clear agenda and organization of the process.

“Curls” pinky talking about indecision and wnetrzu isolation of the person. Such people are insecure, it is rarely close with someone, I prefer to spend time alone. But if someone manages to gain their trust — more than one is not found.