Lori next to us, or how to identify a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Techno 20 January, 2018

2018-01-20 17:35

Lori next to us, or how to identify a wolf in sheep’s clothing
This man shows kindness when you’re around, but undermines your credibility if you’re not around.

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Work a while in a competitive environment and meet the wolf in sheep’s clothing will be inevitable. The classic example is the story of a careful shepherd, driving away predators from your herd. But the wolf still gets into the herd, dressed for this sheepskin.

Each of us must learn to avoid such people. Externally, the wolves may look innocent enough, but they have their own ulterior motives. Such people use different methods to hide the true intentions from others.

In this case the wolf is the man who shows you kindness when you’re around, but undermines your credibility if you’re not around. He vyvodyat your ideas, and then passes it off as his own and gets a boost. Such individuals think only of their own benefit at the cost of lives of others.

The advantages of masking

People will resort to manipulation someone, if he does not give. But when the potential benefits are still there, for the sake of achieving the goal it to be the last to hide their true intentions. Hiding them under the mask of the wolf an opportunity to get others to do what he wants. He realizes that such behavior is unacceptable in society and can lead to conflict if his card will be revealed.

Thus, the wolves get what they want, almost without applying for this effort. And until such time as it will lead to clean water, the wolf will have to enjoy the results of his “work”.

The signs that before you paddle

1. He’s trying to seize power, took it from someone. Surrounding need wolf only as instruments to achieve personal goals. He doesn’t care what will happen to other people. At work during the presentation so people can put you in a bad light, while trying to prove himself to his superiors.

2 .The wolf seems nice, but sooner or later he will reveal his fangs. If he reveals himself, people will not want to have anything to do with him. Wolf will play the role of a friend and a good man, but he will not be able to pretend 24 hours a day, because sooner or later his aggressive nature will manifest itself. The rich man, who often violates laws that would attempt to convince others of its kind, making generous donations. This money help him to avoid problems, but if someone could get the wolf to dispute his behavior, he quickly ruin the established reputation.

3. To achieve the goal, he’s manipulating other people’s emotions. Addressing your emotions, the wolf is looking to get ahead. It learns your wants and needs, and then gives the necessary minimum, you will be relaxed and won’t complain. Imagine that your head is a wolf, and you dream about a vacation. It will play on your senses, trying to dissuade you from the plan or reduce the number of vacation days.

4. First, the wolf is fascinating. Wolves – the real professionals in the field of manipulating people. They discover a false interest in everything that you do to sway you to their side. But once the wolf will get you what you want, he will do everything possible to keep you off the hook.

For example, do colleagues are pretending to be your friends to pass on to you his responsibility. If they see that you are upset about something, even make some surprise, to win your sympathy. And after that they will continue to use you.

5. His stories are full of gaps. Revealing wolf, you make him squirm. To get out, he starts to improvise, and his situation will become even worse. A classic example is the suspect someone of infidelity. When you ask why he or she came home so late, in response to you or get mad, or will give you improbable explanation.

How to identify a wolf?

First prepare well. Learn how a wolf reacts to a particular situation, or put it in front of a hypothetical problem, to read his thoughts.

Wolf will tell you anything to come before you in the best light. Find evidence that supports or refute his words, and look at the human reaction. Believe him, and he will act like your best friend, and do not believe it – it will cause a surge of aggression.

If your gut tells you that the herd is hiding a wolf, be careful and begin to act.

Ask as much as possible

To ask questions in order to get to the truth, there is nothing wrong. All members of your company is in danger. Because wolves often lie, you will be able to get them to clean the water if their next “tale” doesn’t add up.

When they Express their opinion, ask them why they think so or what do they know. They may not have enough information to adequately answer and the lie will be revealed.

Wolves always pretending to be someone else, and tend to speak lightly. But because during an argument or discussion with such people will not be able to understand the cause of the problem.

And wolves usually say what they think you want to hear. Ask them more information, they will become confused, because their knowledge is very superficial. And no matter how much you want to support a debate, they will still have nothing to say.

Wolves everywhere

Although we hope that each person has only good intentions, but it is not always the case. There are people who pursue only their own interests, and they do not care who will suffer. Wolves are almost everywhere. They are not able to get rid of, but learning to recognize them you can avoid them there traps.