Loto-Québec will be able to pursue Poker Trail in defamation

News 14 December, 2017
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    Thursday, December 14, 2017 10:15

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    OTTAWA | Not only Poker Trail Management will not affect the $ 6.1 million it claimed at Loto-Québec, but the company of online game may be prosecuted for libel by the Crown corporation.

    The supreme Court of Canada refused Thursday morning to hear the call of one of the founders of the Poker Trail, Pierre Martel, against Loto-Québec. The country’s highest court has upheld the decision taken against the firm in February 2016 by the superior Court of Quebec.

    The company claimed $ 6.1 million in Loto-Québec to him stealing customers. Loto-Québec responded with a defamation suit of $ 235,000 against Poker Trail and its founders, who had disseminated a video in which André Boyer, the colleague of Pierre Martel, denounced alleged actions of Loto-Québec.

    The superior Court had ruled against the Poker Trail, believing that his action was abusive. The court also allowed the defamation suit to go forward.

    André Boyer and Pierre Martel, also the founders of the League poker tournament in Quebec, alleged that the corporation had diverted unfairly to the members of the League for the benefit of its own web site Space Games.

    In a contract signed in 2011, it was allowed Loto-Québec and Games Space to display their logos on the web site of the League poker tournament in Quebec. In return, a sum of $ 65,000 was to be paid to Poker Trail Management.

    Poker Trail called for $ 6.1 million to cover revenue losses related to the sponsorship of Loto-Québec in addition to an amount for damages.