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On Monday 10 July, the viewers will have the opportunity to watch a new episode of The Love is in the meadow this evening, with Karine Le Marchand. And more to appreciate or not the humor gras from one of the farmers who prepare for an appointment.

In The Love is in the meadow there is lightning, marriages such as that of Veronique and Thierry Perraguin season 9 in may of last year, such as clashes and blunders. Gege, the farmer of the limousin, a breeder of sheep and dairy cows, to him, is about to receive the visit to the farm : he will finally be able to discuss with his two mistresses, his favorite being the “touching” Anne Marie. But he who in 52 years, rediscover just the joys that come before a meeting, is a bit awkward. And while Tv Entertainment aired an excerpt of the speed dating last weekend, viewers saw in advance the portrait of a man, shy and diffident in front of her mirror.

He does not hesitate to do a little too much in the preparations, provided to please those who will arrive by train on its operations. As described in a report in the backstage of the show in Paris, Monday, July 10, Gege, has also struggled with the humor. The sides of Dominique, her cousin, and Yves, her brother, the pretender is actually a hairstyle in the form of the ” houppette “, until the time when his relatives ask him, saucy, if it is perfume also the “ b**** for this evening “. Response of the interested party, what a little quick, and truande : A male, it still feels strong. Women love it not ?It will have a small gift for Anne Marie, when she will appear in her living room.

The emotion is at the rendezvous for Gege tonight in

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