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Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


When the despair is greater than hope. I am no longer able to suffer. The cows I have killed“the “, these words are those written by Jean-Pierre Le Guelvout, December 14, just before he gives himself to the death. In a recent interview with the newspaper, The Telegram, his sister is back on what pushed him to commit the irreparable.

Last December 17, Moréac in the Morbihan, close to Jean-Pierre The Guelvoult, participant of the fifth season of Love is in the meadow, told him good-bye. In this sad day, Mary, one of her sisters, had prepared the portrait of a ” man of the earth, which was working sometimes up to 16 hours a day “. The latter, which, three days earlier, had declared that the suicide of his brother was in no way related to his transition to television ; she indicated then that its operating knew ” des major economic problems, as many farmers “.


Explanations that she recently thicken by returning to our brothers of the Telegram on the death of his brother. She explains : “The case was viable, my brother had even another project. He particularly wanted to pass on the farming of poultry organic. He had been talking to his bank, it was not followed up… It was the coup de grace. “Since Mary and her other brother André have made the effort to hire someone to replace Jean-Pierre” because cows, whether you are alive or dead, they need to be milked “. A financial risk that will be the last : “We gave it a year to see if the activity could take. Otherwise, it sells everything. For Andre, it would be a tear.


An interview in the Telegram which has allowed Mary to mention the disastrous state in which her late brother was a few days before he gives himself in death : A month before committing suicide, he had told me that he was physically exhausted. Two days before, he had gone to see his doctor. My brother, he was in burn-out. But, with Andrew, they had already gone through so much, hardships… And then they were not isolated, there were always people at the house…


Not agreeing to see, like his brother, farmers ‘suicide, Mary took the opportunity to question them :” It is necessary that the farmers understand that there is no shame in calling for help, there are structures. My brother, he may not be able to say that he needed help. “. The farmer who with his sister, and has created the association ” Jean-Pierre “, Kerlego City whose goal is to raise money to pay for the replacement worker by the farmer.

Jean-Pierre Love is in the pre –Karine Le Marchand

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