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All his life, Ludovic Chancel has screamed his despair of never having had a father but just a father. Guy Bayle alias Ringo has never tried to create a connection with his son, nearly forgetting. A wound never healed. Story.

There are fathers who find meaning in existence, giving a maximum of keys to their offspring to get ahead in life and those absent are conspicuous by their selfishness without denying their child ; then the non-existent that any life will have fled from their responsibilities, leaving their offspring, the soul in it because out of love. Guy Bayle alias Ringo, star of the French variety of the 70s, belongs to this last category.


Executioner of the heart of Sheila from 1973 to 1979 ; a period during which they were married, Ringo will be especially that of his son Ludwig born 7 April 1975 and died 42 years later, on the night of 7 to 8 July 2017. Ludovic that would put an end to his days, the mind and the heart is crippled by an evil of life, whose roots have been planted in the arid soil of a youth spent in waiting for the love that children deserve.


An injury never seared that he will try to treat in 2005 by publishing ” Son of ” ; a long confession in which he scolded Sheila not to be quite busy for him, when he was a child first, then adult, then he knew of the dark times. A book in which he had also poured out on his father Ringo, a father ” non-existent ” : ” I had to see it once when I was 6 years old, I don’t remember it very well, and I’ve had it two or three times on the phone , “explained Ludovic.


Unable of course to accept this fate, a decision is then made to go to his meeting, and shove, and the doors of this cruel ignorance that is devouring the soul of Ludovic. The thirty approaching, responses must now be made ; this is in Toulouse in a city with wards, Ludovic, his heart in turmoil, he approaches the house of his grandmother where Ringo, star, fallen, has found refuge.


The former glory of the seventies appears, and walks up to him in shorts, marcel and flip-flops. The look of a man resigned, of Guy Bayle was also the mind ; buried in his pride and his contempt, he throws him : “When I see you, I see your mother, why did you come ? “. The exchange lasts for two minutes, Ludovic Chancel is floored but this punch to the soul is the last. Answer it was come to find, the answer he found, Ringo is alive and well as a parent and will never be anything else : “I cried like a baby when I leave here, but at the same time I felt liberated from a weight. “, confided later Ludovic. It is, however, wounds that do not heal ever.

Ludovic Chancel

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