MacBook Air 13 inch: The headed computer is on promotion!

Techno 24 February, 2017

The MacBook Air, the must-have ultraportables, is on sale. The 13-inch Apple computer is going from 1099 to 955 euros. In short, get ready oklm to draw your CB!
Even if Apple preferred to update only its MacBook Pro that we could test , the MacBook Air remains a must-have in the middle of the ultraportable computers . With a very good autonomy and reputed to be quite solid, the MacBook Air version 13 inches is on sale. Yes, you read well. The headed computer – which is equipped with a 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage – goes from 1099 to 955 euros. If you want to take advantage of this interesting promotion, these next lines should interest you!
It is on Cdiscount that the MacBook Air of 13 inches is at a small price. The computer from Apple has two USB 3.0 ports , a Thunderbolt port, a Mini Display port, an SD card reader, headphone jack … In short, total contrast to the MacBook Pro 2016. Also at Apple, the Cupertino’s firm has seen it on its futuristic campus . Called Apple, it will serve as the headquarters of the Apple and will probably allow him to design the future MacBook among so many other products. To be continued …