MacBook Air, MacBook Pro: Less than 10% on FNAC

Techno 9 February, 2017

At a time when winter sales are approaching their end, good plans are still blooming on the web. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are available at reduced prices on the FNAC.
Winter sales continue to delight us. At meltyStyle, we hope you did not slam all your pennies . Well it’s true that just yesterday, we offered to enjoy a nice promotion around the iPhone SE. But now, the good plans are still blooming on the net. So why not enjoy it especially if you want to shopper a computer ‘performing and cheaper than usual. The headed computers are offered at reduced prices on the FNAC. At a time when the 2017 version of the MacBook Pro is becoming clearer , the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13.3 inches enjoy a nice promotion. They can be shopped now at minus 10%.
Officially marketed at 1099 euros, the MacBook Air of 13.3 inches and 8 GB of RAM enjoys a reduction of 100 euros! If you want to buy this computer, it ‘s here . As for the MacBook Pro, we could shopper around 1450 euros. It is now available for purchase for “only” 1299 euros, through here . But if you do not want to have a computer like the others, you can wait for future promotions around the MacBook Pro 2016, which the Touch Bar is able to do everything … almost! So, you prefer what Mac?