MacBook: New Macs on the way!

Techno 20 December, 2016

While the MacBook Pro 2016 have experienced a mixed reception, Apple does not seem to have said its last word. Tim Cook, the boss of the Apple has confirmed the arrival of new Mac desktop
December 2016. It has been three years since the Mac Pro has not been updated. Two years that the Mac mini have not been renewed and the latest generation of iMac goes back to 2015. But that could soon change. While the MacBook Pro 2016 have not been as well received as hoped , Apple decided to reassure. At least, internally. In a letter to employees, Tim Cook said the Mac Office have not been abandoned. Better yet, he assured that Apple had “super desktops in its track record.

Tim Cook reassured employees
If he did not release the next model of Mac or its release date, Tim Cook took to dot the i’s: “The desktop is very strategic for us, it’s different laptop because you can board a lot more power: bigger screens, the maximum memory and storage, a greater variety of connectors, and superior performance, ” says the boss of Apple. Difficult to draw conclusions from meltyStyle but it is thought that the brand Apple could revolutionize the desktop as it could do with its MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, the last pub is a real feast .