MacBook Pro 2016: Screen film, transparent shell … Given its price, protecting it is vital!

Techno 14 February, 2017

Given the price of the MacBook Pro 2016, protecting it is vital. To avoid damage caused by falling or splashing, meltyStyle offers you the best screen films and transparent shells.
Hard to imagine his broken MacBook Pro 2016. The latest generation of the headphone computer that has gained USB-C ports and sometimes a Touch Bar, costs the price of your arm. So if you do not want to destroy it stupidly, it would be better to invest in protection . Conversely, you will probably be obliged to shoot the 2017 MacBook Pro faster than expected. And just to protect your MAC, the means are multiple. From the transparent shell to the screen film … everything is possible and here are the essentials for any Apple Addict who respects himself!
If the choice of protections for MacBook Pro remains wide and varied, the shells of Moshi seem impossible to circumvent. Designed for users who prefer minimalist style protection, the iGlaze shells that clip onto the computer will give it a unique look. The iVisor screen film is also a must-have if you get into the habit of scratching it or if you just want to reduce its reflections. You can shopper it here for 45 euros. But be careful, protecting the hardaware side of your MacBook is not enough. Any deleted history can be recovered, for example, due to a bug between iOS and Safari.