MacBook Pro 2016: Touch Bar makes it easy to access emojis on Mail and iMessage

Techno 25 January, 2017

I test, for a few days, the new MacBook Pro. And for now, I am still amazed by his Touch Bar which allows to do almost everything. On Mail and iMessage, emojis have never been so cool. The details !
A few months after its presentation, I finally managed the new 15-inch MacBook Pro equipped with a Touch Bar. This tactile display bar above the keyboard, in place of the function keys, allows you to do everything … or almost. Real innovation on new models “high end” of headed computer, the Touch Bar is compatible with all Mac OS apps and some different app. In total, there are no fewer than 40 applications compatible with this OLED ribbon. And each of them offers several possibilities at the Touch Bar. If you use this display bar on Mail or iMessage for example, access to emojis is easier than ever. But that’s not all…
By testing the MacBook Pro 2016, I realized that Apple has (very) well optimized all the shortcuts in its Touch Bar. At iMessage, I could send a text message to my girl directly from the Touch Bar (which blew me away when I first test day ). Yes, we do not need to look for the button “new message” in the mail from Apple . Better still, simply open the message so that the Touch Bar offers, when choosing the recipient, up to three addresses that correspond to the first letters entered. What a magic trick. To return to emoji, Apple has decided to make us zizir integrating an access button on the Touch Bar . We thus find the whole emojis, in a single click, oklm. As for me, I return quickly to you with a complete test of this revolutionary computer.