MacBook Pro 2016: You can soon shopper cheaper on the Refurb!

Techno 9 March, 2017

The MacBook Pro 2016 has just made its appearance on the American Refurb. They are now expected to land on the European shop.
The October 2016 MacBook Pro is beautiful, but it’s not exactly that. That’s why Boulanger recently set up a free credit offer to get you a copy . But if you do not want to go into debt to change your computer, then you better wait … Why? Because the latest MacBooks have just made their appearance on the American Refurb, and they could soon land on their European counterpart. As a reminder, this is an alternative store on which the brand apple offers reconditioned models of its products.
For now, only 13-inch MacBooks without TouchBar have been spotted on the Apple Refurb Store . They have been put online with discounts ranging from 12 to 16% , which is even more interesting than the recent discount offered by Darty. No wonder all the models concerned have been acclaimed! We hope soon to see the 13 and 15 inch versions with TouchBar being sold through this, which allows to buy a MacBook without (too) ruining and being assured of its proper operation. While waiting to see the computers to the apple land on the European Refurb, test your knowledge on the MacBook Pro 2016 with TouchBar . Interested in the latest MacBook Pro?