MacBook Pro: A consumer association does not recommend Apple’s laptop!

Techno 24 December, 2016

Consumer Reports consumer association Apple’s latest MacBook Pro is not a reliable and not recommendable device. But for what reasons? They tell you everything.
This is a first of which Apple could have done … The consumer organization Consumer Reports , the US equivalent of our famous French consumer association ” That Chosen r” sanctions the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar released last November. For the first time in its history, Consumer Reports does not effect attributes the “mention Recommended Product ” a product of Cupertino. And for good reason, after three tests carried out on three models of the last laptop of Apple, the autonomy of the battery would not fulfill enough the requirements demanded by a consumer lambda; a negative point that boosts sales elsewhere Surface Pro tablets from Microsoft .

In its report, Consumer Reports suggests an autonomy of 16 hours during the first test against only about four hours during the third test to a 13-inch model. For its part, the 15-inch model of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar observes an autonomy of 8 hours against more than 18 hours at the start. ” The battery life is an important critète for a laptop, and it is an important part of our results (…) ” explains the American Association of consumers to justify his choice. In response, Apple prepares new Mac desktop just think that a ” customer who has a question about his Mac should contact AppleCare ” rather than relying on a report …