MacBook: This luxurious marble stand will change your life with Apple’s computer!

Techno 26 June, 2017

Lying flat, the MacBook throws. But the Apple laptop is even more stylish with this marble support that will allow you to avoid back problems. The details !
Lying flat, the MacBook leaves no one indifferent. And it’s not the MacBook 12 “Retina that will disprove this, but by using it this way, the headed computer can be a source of … back pain or scoliosis . The MacBook supports the computer, but above all, to raise the screen to the height of our eyes. Of this fundamental role, this marble support will make your MacBook even more elegant.
Cut into a single piece of marble, this base has everything to please. Reverse of the medal, the support called Block is rather heavy. Obviously, it does not necessarily have to move easily . Available in three versions for different models of MacBook, this stand is available for purchase here . Otherwise, you can rediscover our first grip of the MacBook 12 “Retina.