Mafia 3: More than 4 million games sold in one week

Techno 4 November, 2016

mafia-3-2k-games-hangar-13-open-world-mafiaOnly a week after its release, Mafia 3 can boast significantly exceeded its sales expectations.

Exit the underworld 1930 Present on the Paris Games Week 2016, the game Mafia 3 was released a few weeks ago on console and PC, and he has found its audience. Powered in the 1960s, the new game from 2K made a big splash in the market, since nothing on the first week, more than 4.5 million units have been sold worldwide , taking into account physical versions, but also paperless versions. Both say that the game has kept all its promises!

Sales figures well above expectations of the publisher , since Mafia 3 is now up to the blockbusters and NBA 2K Borderlands. Now the question is whether the game will manage to hold over time, or if the novelty will fade as quickly as it came. Remember, the game was released in early October, and a nice surprise for the fans, Mafia 3 is now played in 60 FPS , unlike previous games, which were played in 30 FPS. Have you fallen for Mafia 3 ?