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News 11 March, 2018
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    Jérémi Lepage

    Marie-Renée Grondin

    Sunday, 11 march, 2018 16:00

    Sunday, 11 march, 2018 16:00

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    There is a year and a half, the young people of Sherbrooke Jérémi Lepage took his courage in both hands to launch a first video about politics on the web. His ultimate goal: promote the independance movement, in order to see Quebec become a country.

    “Since I was young, I listen to the videos on the internet, youtubers, French, funny, that I appreciate pis it has always interested me to do the same thing, but I had never the guts to do it. I was 18 years old and I told myself that it was too late. Pis there, I had a click when I’ve seen youtubers older begin in the videos, and have fun in there. Then, I rejected and I told myself that I was going to do it! I have dark, I went out of my comfort zone, and for real, I do not really regret not! I still do, I have lots of projects in mind”, says the one who is in his last year of college in accounting.

    Since the age of 17 years, Jérémi Lepage to get involved with the Parti québécois. The spark of sovereignty is seen in him, during a history class in high school.

    “I have always felt proud to be Quebecers. In secondary 3, we listened to a news report in our history class on the Patriots and their hanging. I was as frustrated to know that these people were hanged just because they were fighting for the French language, for freedom, for democracy… This, I was really shocked. It was the small spark plug. After there were full of small issues such as the Kyoto protocol, Energy Is, which, one after the other, I have to say that it would be much better as a country. It would be even better economically, we would keep our money with us, we would invest in our strategic sectors, we would protect 100% of our French language, the federal competences would become our national powers, we would make our own laws,” says one who was involved in instances as much on a local, regional or national levels of the PQ in addition to being president of the young pq members of the eastern Townships.

    The importance of getting involved

    It is also participating in the project Committee, the municipal youth, where he had the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of a city councillor, he has realized the importance of interest in the policy.

    “I have seen that in life, when you want to change something that is not in chialant in front of their tv that it will work. It is necessary that you get involved in politics pis you to be a part of the decision-making process”, he believes.

    Despite his current involvement, no question, for the moment, to introduce themselves formally in an election.

    “There are a lot of people who talk to me. But I want to finish my studies. It’s very important. I don’t want to launch into politics by saying that I have a diploma in accounting and have never worked as an accountant. Me, I’ve always wanted to go to university, then it is sure that to me, I’m aiming for the master’s degree in economics, so I’ve still got a lot of years of studies in front of me too bad for me it is sure that it is something that I would like more late,” pleads he.

    Personal involvement

    By then, Jérémi Lepage helps advance the project of sovereignty in its own way with his videos.

    “Me, I’d like to live the independence of Quebec, I do not advocate not just to advocate for it. I would like to whether it happens to be true, then ideally, for me in 2018, the Parti québécois came to power, made an alliance with the pro-independence movement and in 2022 it offers something concrete. It is sure that I would like it to live. It is one of the reasons why I make videos. I want to try to make people aware of my way especially the young people, who in general are less interested in the politics,” says-t it.

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    All in “the same gang”

    In order to achieve this the student also calls on sovereigntists to unite and put aside their differences.

    “Me, I would like that all the guerrillas were in the same gang. I went in Catalonia and the first thing they told us the Catalan it is: “If you want to make the independence of Quebec, it will be necessary that you are combining and that you just have a voice of independence.” We’re going to have to be able to talk about it because this is the time to change things. We need to stop shooting yourself in the foot. There are so many people who have sacrificed themselves in life since the 1800’s with the Patriots. There are so many people who have given their lives to this cause. It is necessary to be able to put water in our wine and act as people mature, as people who are responsible,” pleads he.

    A family affair

    If Jérémi Lepage has identified by itself in the sovereignty movement, it is also probably because the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

    “My parents are not really involved, but they are pro-independence. Most people in my family also. My grand-father it is a Lévesque, my grandmother is a Marois. She is the cousin of Pauline Marois. It is full of small business that have made it so that after I became pro-independence, it has as consolidated it to learn that my family is sovereigntist. This choice, personally, I’ve done it before to know that my parents were pq members,” he said.

    Fight the cynicism

    The young parti québécois recognizes that political involvement can also have its bad sides, especially because of the cynicism of the population.

    “That, I often hear: “Ahh, you get involved in politics, you are a future ass hole.” There are so many stereotypes about people who get involved in politics, and parliamentarians in general. There are also many who say to me: “Ahh it is fun that there are young people who get involved. There need to be. It takes the succession”, I do mean a lot, too. It is good fun. But it is as in anything, in any sector, you can’t generalize. There are always exceptions. I know lots of mps who are involved and who take so much of it to heart. They are like me, they do it for the people, they are there for the cause. They are there for the right reasons. But it is true that there are in government, historically, who were not there for the right reasons, and that, that has tainted the reputation of the entire world. But for me, I don’t want to stop it and this is where, ultimately, that you can change things in concrete terms, it is in politics, so I continue. I don’t want to stop to these criticisms-there,” he concludes.

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