Malaysia was born a goat-the eye : In the World : Vladim

News 14 February, 2018

In Sabah in Malaysia, the farmer was quite surprised to find that the goat gave birth to a rather unusual kid, who had only one eye. Despite congenital anomaly, the animal showed no special problems with life.


According to Tue of Cabana, which became the owner of such a rare animal, goat-Cyclops was born on Sunday, February 11. Note that this kid, who in a short time has become the focus of world attention, came to see the whole village, which is home to the farmer. Caban was quite surprised, showing a newborn baby goat to the vet, because medical experts have said that apart from congenital anomalies it is not revealed any deviations in health.

Note that while the kid has not grown, the farmer have to feed it manually through the tube, as due to the too small height, the animal can’t reach the udder of his mother. We will add that similar deviations can be found only in one animal out of 16 thousand, and born a “Cyclops” is usually short-lived.