Male models massively complained of sexual harassment by photographers In the World : Vladim

News 17 January, 2018

A huge number of complaints of sexual harassment appeared in the vast social networks. Objects those are male models who are “predators” exhibit photographers with whom they have to work in the professional field. In total, charges were filed on 28 the model.


As you know, from 15 models argue that the main “predator” and a stronghold of harrasment against men is photographer Bruce Weber.

Manekenshhic claim that he forced them to undress, although this was not a planned photo shoot.
One of the male models Robin Sinclair recognizes that to remember the moment when Weber shoved his fingers in his mouth, and then aggressively grabbed his groin.

In addition, the charges brought against the photographer Mario Testino. He complained to 13 models. Themselves photographers say that he was shocked by such allegations and categorically deny the fault.