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Entertainment, Techno 17 July, 2017


After several failures in love, Malika Menard is always a heart to take. When asked by Closer, the ex-beauty queen has admitted to having enough and wanting to experience the love as soon as possible.

A 30-year-old, Malika Ménard has it all or almost. Sacred Miss France 2010 for her gorgeous body and her breathtaking beauty, the young woman, now at the head of a magazine on NRJ 12 and the morning of France 3 Normandie, began a promising career in television, but is still struggling to find love. “I’m single, here it is ! I’m fed up ! “, she says in the columns of the magazine Closer. A celibacy that is not always easy to live as much as the least ups and downs in her love life make the cabbage fat the tabloids. “I understand that side. But it’s always weird to see a picture and not having a choice. It was a family with which it has not formalized voluntarily by such and such a story. I still have trouble with it. A love story… it is already complicated. And it is always fragile.

After having lived a love story passionate with actor Michael Cohen in 2016 and a romance of a few months with the singer, revealed by the show ‘s New Star, Ycare, in the beginning of the year, Malika Menard still finds some benefits to his celibacy. “I am more relaxed when I’m not in a relationship. I’m too passionate, it is exhausting. Here, I am in the resting phase “, she says smiling. Open to “any beautiful relationship“, she hopes to meet prince charming before the end of the summer.

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Malika Ménard

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