Malika Ménard is celebrating its 30th birthday: “I imagined that at this age I would be married with a child” Gala

Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017

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Malika Ménard is celebrating 30 years this Friday, July 14. In an interview with Public, Miss France 2010 compares his current life with the one she had imagined younger. Single, without child : she had not expected this scenario.

A 30-year-old, Malika Ménard, Miss France 2010, is a facilitator for a magazine on NRJ12 (In the secerts of), announcer on the morning of France 3 Normandie… and single. She took advantage of this pivotal age to make a balance sheet of his life in an interview for our colleagues from the Public : “Next to pro, I have the job I wanted to do, after… younger, I imagined that at 30 years old I would be married with a child. As I am single, there is no projection possible !

The pin-up is not pressed or stressed by the passing of time : “to start a family seems abstract when you haven’t met the right person. The time that passes does me not worry. I’m slow, I move at my own pace. “Malika Ménard has witnessed several love stories, in the arms of actor Michael Cohen, or those of the singer, revealed by New Star, Ycare, but, today, the heart of the beautiful rennes is to take.

His friend just as radiant Camille Cerf and Iris Mittenaere have also not yet met prince charming. They stick together : “on The weekends, we go out all three to celebrate our celibacy ! Be surrounded by beautiful girls, it is easier to meet people. And with us, there’s something for all tastes ! “Their tactics will be-does it pay ?

Malika Ménard

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