Man nearly castrated himself, trying to remove the ring : In the World : Vladim

News 13 March, 2018

In Malaysia, there was a curious incident, which could have sad consequences for the residents of the city of Kuching. 45-year-old man decided to diversify sex life using cock rings, but it was faulty and penis stuck in the product.


At first, the man he tried to rescue his dignity, but kolavalli sexual organ, the subject did not respond and not open. Then the desperate Malaysian tried to pry the sex of the invention of scissors, but they’re stuck, too. In the end had to call an ambulance, which, as it turned out, not for the first time faced with.

The doctor did a really jewelry work, freeing Amateur sex with a twist of trap. They sawed the ring with a special tool. The procedure took more than an hour as the doctors worked very cautiously for fear of damage to the genitalia. The man was lucky, and his penis remained intact, except for the irritation on it.