Marc-Etienne Side who was accused of murder in the second degree

News 9 August, 2017
  • Photo Roger Gagnon
    Marc-Etienne Side on his arrival at the palais de justice de Chicoutimi, Wednesday morning.

    Pierre-Alexandre Maltais

    Wednesday, August 9, 2017 10:38

    Wednesday, 9 August 2017 11:51

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    Stopped at the end of the week after a run of 9 months, the Jonquiérois Marc-Etienne Side is now facing charges of second-degree murder.

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    The alleged murderer, 36-year-old is expected Wednesday morning at the courthouse in Chicoutimi for his appearance before the judge, Pierre Lortie of the Court of Québec.

    Side was arrested on the night of Saturday to Sunday in an apartment in the neighborhood of Rosemont in Montreal.

    He is the primary suspect in the murder of Israel Gauthier-Nepton November 19, 2016 on the rue du Vieux-Pont in Jonquière.