Martine Ouellet takes about $ 100,000 a year to the Bloc Québécois

News 14 February, 2018
  • Photo Guillaume St-Pierre

    Boris Proulx

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 18:30

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 18:37

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    OTTAWA | another argument expects the Bloc as its leader Martine Ouellet will ask his party to pay him a salary, even if she will be paid an allowance of departure of the national Assembly.

    After you have survived an internal war in June, the leader of the Bloc québécois Martine Ouellet could rekindle the feud within its ranks at the next party rally held this weekend, has learned of the Journal.

    Both the meps that the employees of the Bloc québécois have been very discrete on the subject on Wednesday, refusing to give more details.

    Behind the scenes, however, there is a mention that Ms. Ouellet’s preference would be to pay him a salary of about$ 100,000 when she left the blue Room, as well as an allocation of expenses.

    It would be an amount substantially higher that that have affected in the past by former leaders of the Block who were not members of parliament. These were that an incidental expense allowance.

    To give an idea, the party has amassed 940 000 $ in donations last year.

    Martine Ouellet has been crowned leader of the third opposition in Ottawa last march.

    She decided to stay as member for Vachon in the provincial seat she has held since 2010. In this capacity, she currently receives a total compensation of approximately $120,000.

    She will also receive a severance pay of the national Assembly when she will leave Quebec, which is expected for the next provincial election.

    All questions to the leader of the Bloc québécois have been redirected to the party’s president, Mario Beaulieu, who is happy to say that this measure will be included in the budget presented by the national office, without confirming the amount.

    The debate on the budget will be held at the national Council of the Bloc québécois, held in Drummondville on Saturday and Sunday.