Master Gims announced that it will participate “never again” at the NRJ Music Awards and his beloved blames Amir

News 14 November, 2016

Master Gims love being at the top of the poster and do not seem to support chess. The proof with this post that the rapper posted on Instagram this afternoon. He announced that he set foot at the NRJ Music Awards in the future. An anger that speaks volumes about his disappointment of being left empty-handed from the ceremony.
Should not invite or even the name in the popular category of “French song of the year” if it was to see him leave without reward.
Master Gims, very noticed yesterday for its look as often flashy , seems to have trouble digesting his defeat last night at the NRJ Music Awards. He was there in his capacity as nominated for her hit undermined as ever, and had to face him likes of Christophe Mae, Soprano, Jain or Amir, the final winner for the title I searched.
This award was rightfully his, that’s certainly what we can understand by reading the message from his wife, a few minutes after the end of the evening, which mocked Amir on Snapchat, writing including “Someone can tell me who this is? ” By posting a photo of Amir, or by adding a selfie of her with the caption: ” The joke, want to break everything. ”
More discreet last night, Gim’s Master took time before commenting on his defeat. And as Donald Trump during the election to the White House, he sent a short message, but radical .
Is it bad loser, he feels ” t out alone all up there ” and does not seem to accept the end of his ” 7 year rule “. Not very modest Master Gim’s, one is not surprised. Yet no artist can not unanimous, especially in the world of music . Maybe was it something happened behind the scenes , to motivate this message. In any case, for his fans, this announcement sounds like a disaster .
Less than an hour after he resumed as if nothing had its communications work, publishing a photo for his upcoming concert at Bercy, scheduled for 30 November. And in the meantime, to console himself, he can still watch his Victory music gleaned for his title undermined as ever this year. A win, a loss, the balance is in equilibrium.