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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017

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You know him as the musical director of the Star Academy, but Matthew Gonet, musician is a composer of film music. And since he has created her studio, five years ago, in Levallois-Perret, his order book is always packed. Matthew, the angels, ” feels finally at its place. “Last box in the date, he has composed the music for the new series of TF1, Tomorrow belongs to us.

Between now and 2018, they are no less than five movies that Matthew Gonet going to put it to music. What make him spend most of his time in his recording studio, the happiness. In November, the music of Madame, the film by Amanda Sthers with Harvey Keitel, this is it. The composer “feels very privileged ” to have been chosen by Alain Chabat for his new feature film which is scheduled to release for Christmas. In April 2018, it will be Gaston Lagaffe, the new film by his friend and witness of his marriage, Pef, and make it in music, then, My Reum, Fredéric Quiring with Audrey Lamy and finally, Mister I know everything, the second feature film from François Prévôt-Leygonie and Stéphan Archinard, with Arnaud Ducret. The man is definitely very busy.

To find the right notes, the composer is listening to absolutely everything that comes out. Its source ? For many, the platform download French, Qobuz, ” for the plurality of its proposals and the quality of its extraordinary “. Matthew has recently added a new string to its bow, with the music event series for TF1, Tomorrow belongs to us with Ingrid Chauvin, Charlotte Valandrey… ” We are three composers, Ben Purple, Emilie Gassin, and myself working on the music for the series, out generic “, we entrust to the latter. The three have worked hand in hand, plunging first into the reading of the scenarios, in the medium and long term, to dig the characters and also, the location filming, the town of Sète, which takes a role as very important. “We work at a very early stage to respond to the needs of filmmakers and to find out and give the musical color of the series , “continues the ex-music director of the Star Academy. The program, a lot of emotions, suspense, intrigue, endearing characters, delivered through synthetic music, and a symphony orchestra, please. Its composer favorite movie ? John Williams (the music of’Indiana Jones, E. T.… it is him), who wrote the soundtrack for the last Star Wars at a very advanced age. “It’s a job that keeps “laughs Matthew Gonet. That is all the good that he wishes.

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